Southern Meadow - Magnolia Assisted Living

Southern Meadow is an Assisted Living Home in Magnolia, Delaware - US. Southern Meadow primary category is Retirement Communities & Homes, specialiazing in Retirement Communities & Homes.

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Southern Meadow is located in 139 Bluebell Dr, Magnolia - DE. This Assisted Living facility is in Kent County, Delaware, US.

Southern Meadow in Magnolia, Delaware

For Mailing address, you can reach Southern Meadow at 139 Bluebell Dr, Magnolia (Kent County) in Delaware State, US.

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Southern Meadow, Magnolia Assisted Living Home Info

Southern Meadow Assisted Living Home
ALF Type: Retirement Communities & Homes
Specialty: Retirement Communities & Homes
Address: 139 Bluebell Dr
Zip Code: 19962
City: Magnolia
Area Code: 302
Time Zone: EST
County: Kent
State: Delaware (DE)
Phone: (302) 335-9905